How To Clean A Paint Brush Quickly

Cleaning a paintbrush is a crucial part of the job. We know that paint brushes are essential and keeping them in good shape is what extends their life span. It’s an important trade to know how to clean your paintbrush quickly and thoroughly.

We know that the cleaning part of the painting is one of the most tedious jobs. Nevertheless, a clean paint brush is the most trusted tool you can have in your arsenal. In this article, we will talk about how to clean a paintbrush and cleaning tricks you can apply to make it a quick process.

How To Clean A Paintbrush

Never let it dry

Paints are designed to dry faster on the wall and even faster on the paintbrushes. Most people are in such a hurry that they would wrap it in plastic and forget about it till next time. Never make that mistake because once the paint dries on the brush, it will be a nightmare to clean it. Always clean a paint brush after the job is finished, it might take a while but it will be worth it.

Remove paint with cloths

The first instinct should be getting rid of paint on the wall or on the paint can. You can press the paintbrush against the paint can and it will squeeze out most of the pain right away. After that, take a clean cloth or paper towel or any paper that can soak paint. Wipe the paint clean from your paintbrush as much as you can. The more thoroughly you clean it, it will be easier afterward.  


Once you clean the paintbrush with clothes it’s for a methodical approach. Solvents are the best option to use as a paintbrush cleaner.  First, read the paint can to know which type of solvent can clean a paint brush, most of them recommended mineral spirits as paint thinner. Fill a bowl of that solvent as big as the paintbrush you want to clean. Stir the paintbrush in the solvent slowly to make the cleaning more effective. After that squash it against the bowl to clean paint from a paintbrush. 

Clean the bristles

It’s not enough to clean a paintbrush from a solvent, you need to clean the parts of paint that stuck on it as well. The best solution is, use your finger to clean it. Run the finger in between bristles and remove paint parts. If it’s hard to remove, stir it again in the solvent and try again. Most professional painters keep a brush comb handy for this type of cleaning. Running a brush comb through the paint bristle will make sure that no paint particle will stay hidden inside.  

Soapy water

The hard part is over, all that is left is to clean paintbrush from paint as well as solvent. Fill a bowl that can cover the paintbrush with soapy water. Now repeat the cycle again, press it against the bowl to clean it. Run your finger through the paintbrush and squeeze or massage it gently to remove any leftover paint. Make sure that no bristle is deformed from the brush comb or by squeezing it. After that rinse the bristle with water to finally clean paintbrush from any paint residue. 


Make sure that there is no water left inside the paintbrush bristle before you hang it or lay it down on the table. Most people would shake the paintbrush to remove the excess water out. This is not an ideal method because most professional painters have more than one paintbrush. There are some tools which can dry paintbrush and paint roller quickly. Once you dry out the paintbrush, now sock it with a paper towel. Once the paper towel absorbs the water you can dry them. 

Store it

Paintbrushes are an important tool, they need to be kept safe. The most valuable part of the paintbrush is the bristles and if you just throw them in the box, it will deform and won’t work smoothly. It needs to be hanged upside down so that it will stay unaffected by any environmental cause. It can also dry out water if there is any left.

Dos and Don’ts of cleaning a paintbrush

We wrote about how to clean a paintbrush and how the most professional painters make this process much quicker. Everyone needs to keep one thing in mind that following this process is critical and if anyone varies it, it will be a disaster. That’s why here are some of the dos and don’ts of cleaning a paintbrush.

  • Clean the brush immediately after the use.
  • Make sure to use the appropriate solvent, look at the paint can, and read the recommended solvent.
  • Stir the paintbrush in the solvent, but not more than 10 second.
  • Shake the brush after cleaning to remove excess water
  • Don’t ever let the paint dry on the paintbrush.
  • Never dip the paintbrush too deep, it will go over the ferrule which is the metal part of the paintbrush.
  • Don’t put the paintbrush in solvent or soapy water and let them sit in. it will ruin the bristles
  • Never store them bristle down on the hard surface. If its deform, it won’t be smoother


We hope that this article will help you clean a paintbrush easily. A paintbrush can last longer if it’s been maintained perfectly. Following this method not only cleans the paint, but it will make sure that the paintbrush will work perfectly. 

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