How To Clean A Paint Sprayer Quickly and Efficiently

Cleaning a paint sprayer is one of the important parts of the job. A paint sprayer can decrease a day of work into a couple of hours. While it’s easy to use it, maintaining a sprayer is a whole different scenario. We are here to answer the big question, how to clean a paint sprayer quickly and efficiently. In this guide, we will explain the cleaning and maintaining part of the paint sprayer. So if you are new to this or looking for a solution, let’s dive into the guide to clean paint sprayer. 

How To Clean A Paint Sprayer

A paint sprayer is a handy tool for every painter, it is fast and can paint with precision but when it stays without cleaning or maintenance, it will clog up. To stop that from happening and prolong its life, cleaning a paint sprayer is the foremost job. 

Preparing the sprayer

A paint sprayer is a tool but at the same, it can harm you as well. It’s better to release the pressure of the paint sprayer first so that it doesn’t go off when you point it towards yourself. Make sure to protect your skin and eyes from the paint, some times it can cause irritation or permanent damage as well. 

Clean it with water

Get a bucket of water or connect your sprayer gun to the garden hose. Find another waste bucket and spray the water into the waste bucket. If its water-based paint then it will clean itself, if the paint is oil-based then you need a paint thinner as flushing liquid. If there is a good amount of paint left in the sprayer, then point it toward paint bucket and spray it till flushing liquid doesn’t appear. After that, point toward the waste bucket and spray it as long as clear paint thinner appears. It means there is no paint left in the hose or sprayer.   

Disassemble Paint Sprayer

Only spraying with paint thinner is not enough, you need to clean the inside as well. Disassemble the paint sprayer and put it in paint thinner to soak. If you find paint residue on the paint sprayer, rub it down with cloth till its clean. Take the sprayer apart and clean the individual part with paint thinner and make sure to wear protective gear. Clean the tip, filter, and nozzle. 

Clean it with brush

Some part of the paint sprayer is hard to reach with cloth, that’s when paintbrush comes in handy. Once the paint sprayer is soaked in paint thinner, take the paintbrush and clean it with the bristles. After the soaking, most residue paint is loosened up and it can be easily removed with gentle brushing.  For some smaller parts, you need a smaller paintbrush. Make sure to go over every part and left no paint inside or outside the paint sprayer. A clean paint sprayer is a long-lasting and better paint sprayer. 


Even if you have used water or paint thinner, it needs to be clean as well. Use a cloth to wipe the sprayer gun from the paint thinner. Make sure that no amount of water or thinner stays inside the sprayer. Once the Spray gun cleaning is over, store it dry place.

Storing Paint Sprayer

With delicate equipment like a paint sprayer, it’s not enough to put it anywhere. Most often in cold weather, paint can crack the inner part of the sprayer gun. That’s why the whole process of cleaning a paint sprayer is important. In the cold climate where the temperature could go down 30, it’s better to use mineral spirit or other lubricants to pump inside the paint sprayer. It will not only lubricate the gun but it will keep its shape to use it again.   

Paint Sprayer Maintenance 

In this article, we wrote about how to clean a paint sprayer but to keep the sprayer for a long time, it needs regular maintenance. Let’s see how you can maintain a paint sprayer. 

  • It’s important to strain the paint you will use in your paint sprayer.  It’s paramount to strain paint as sometimes it contains debris, paint skin, or sand which can easily clog the paint sprayer. Maintaining a paint sprayer also means providing better paint. 
  • Just like we mentioned above, never keeps water inside the paint sprayer. In a cold atmosphere, water becomes ice and expands which will break the stainless steel parts. It can also ruin the electric parts as well. Make sure to use recommended storage fuel to keep it in better condition in any atmosphere.
  • Never keeps your paint sprayer tucked away for a long time. Use pump fluid and keep it running. Pump fluid will make your paint sprayer run smoothly.
  • Fix the leak right away. If you find a leak while maintenance or pumping fluid, fix it now otherwise it can break other parts as well.


We hope that our guide for cleaning a paint sprayer will help you maintain it better. We have used all the information and experience of some of the best professional painter on how to clean a paint sprayer. Now our guide will not only help you clean paint sprayer but maintenance as well.  you can checkout the Best Paint Sprayers 2020 reviews here.

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