How To Paint On Wood Panel

Wood panel painting is not just trendy but also good for the house as well. Old wood panels allow pest infestation. Everyone wants to paint wood paneling but they have no idea where to start. That’s why we decided to clear the confusion over how to paint on wood panel and bring you a simple guide to follow. 

If you have a wood paneling at your home, remember, it can look better. Wood paneling was stylish back then and now as well. With this guide, you can turn around your house just over the weekend. It’s simple to paint over wood paneling and preparation as well.

How To Paint On Wood Panel

Make sure that your wooden panel is in the finest condition otherwise paint might chip off after the painting. If you have a veneer paneling then its best to just tear it off or paint over it. It’s best to clean out the bad parts before the painting and then start fresh on it.

Preparing Wood Panel

Cleaning is important, most importantly near the kitchen or bathroom. If it’s solid wood, then it needs to be varnished or waxed to be ready. It will remove the knot and make it smooth. Let it dry and then begin the painting.

Paint Wood Paneling 

Wood panel needs to be sand and scuff so that paint can cling on to it. It’s an important part of the painting and once you are done with the sanding of wood, it needs to be clean with a TSP solution and water. Take a clean cloth and rub it over the surface to clear out any foreign debris.

Once you are done with cleaning and sanding, it’s time to mask the surface for the perfect painting. Use painters tape and seal off those parts where there is no need for paint such as electric plugs and hangers. Once the tapping part is done, you can start with the process of paint over wood paneling. 

The first coat of primer is crucial and that’s why it’s better to spray rather than paint with a brush. Most often when a primer is painted, it will dull the surface and decrease the beauty of it. Once the primer is complete, let it dry for about 1 hour or depending on the brand of primer.

After that, it’s time to fill the nail hole. Once you primed the wall, it’s easier to spot any hole in there and easier to fix as well. Use filters and put it on a putty knife and fill the cracks and holes. 

If there are more than a few holes and crack, then it needs to be prime again. Make sure to sand the filler first before using prime. You can make a lighter coat of primer so that it will have a smoother surface.

Now it’s time to paint over wood paneling. You can do two or three layers of paint for perfection. Make sure to paint afterward of drying the primer. You can start at the top and make your way to the bottom. Don’t let any drip settle on the wooden panel and clear it right away. 

How to Paint Wood Paneling With Grooves

If you have wood paneling with grooves, it’s hard to paint over it. Here is a solution for painting wood paneling with grooves. 

  • First, dust the panels to dull the surface
  • Clean the surface for any object or debris
  • Use the joint compound to fill the grooves in wood paneling
  • Let it dry for a while
  • Inspect the surface, if it needs more joint compound then apply it accordingly
  • Make sure to let it dry as well.
  • Sand the wood paneling until it becomes smooth
  • Once you complete the sanding, clean it with cloths
  • After that, use the primer and then let it dry for about an hour or read the recommendation on the can.
  • Then paint over wood paneling for the best result.

Wood Panel Painting Tips

  • Make sure to prepare the wood paneling before starting to paint. More often, rushed preparation results in flaking off the paint.
  • Priming is important and it will soak the paint in for better finishing
  • Sanding is important, not just for the wood panel but for grooves as well.
  • If you have veneer then soft sanding is important.
  • Make sure to let the primer dry before starting painting. Most of the primers get dried in one hour. For specific, read the primer can.


We hope that this article will help you paint over wood paneling. Follow the guide and your wood paneling will turn into a masterpiece. Wood panel painting is hard work but it’s rewarding as well and we hope that you enjoy it as well. 

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